Safety production prevention first

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Think of danger in times of peace and keep peace together

In order to further improve the group's fire protection, safety and hygiene level and create a more safe and harmonious working environment for employees, the group carried out the "6S" joint inspection on August 17 according to the plan of safe production month. The inspection mainly carried out a detailed arrangement of production, safety, fire protection, sanitation, equipment and other aspects.

Control hidden dangers and prevent accidents


At the meeting, Shen Zhouhu, assistant to the president of the group, summarized and analyzed the recent specific situation of the group. Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president of the group, gave a briefing on the recent safety form of the group and put forward requirements and prospects for the next safety work.

Comprehensive investigation, prepared

The inspection team composed of secretaries, workshop supervisors, warehouse supervisors, general manager assistants, deputy general managers of production, management centers, and financial centers of each branch conducted a comprehensive investigation of the group's administrative office area, workshop, warehouse, dormitory and other locations. Special personnel took photos, recorded, and summarized relevant issues to facilitate later rectification and tracking.





The management center will classify and summarize the hidden dangers found in this inspection, and require companies to rectify the hidden dangers found in this inspection within a time limit, and the management center will also conduct follow-up supervision. At the same time, the implementation of the assessment mechanism to ensure that the rectification in place.

Through this inspection, the group hopes that all branches and departments will continue to increase self-inspection and rectification of hidden dangers, so that all employees can further enhance their safety awareness, create a safe production environment, and ensure the smooth progress of the group's work.