Safe Production Month We're in Action

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Since the launch of the "Safety Production Month" activity, all branches and functional departments have closely focused on the theme of "improving the safety awareness of all employees and advocating safety and civilization", earnestly implemented relevant work deployments, and actively carried out safety production mobilization and hidden danger self-inspection Self-examination, safety and environmental special meetings and other activities to further improve employees' safety awareness and create a strong safety culture atmosphere.



Group Anhuan Special Meeting



Warp Knitting Company Anhuan Special Meeting



Anhuan Special Meeting of New Materials Company



Special Meeting on Safety and Environmental of Kibu Company



Minglong Chemical Fiber Anhuan Special Meeting



New Minglong Science and Technology Safety and Environmental Conference

Safety work has been on the road. The group will take the "safe production month" as an opportunity to strengthen the implementation of "6S" management, pay close attention to investigation and rectification, implement various safety production measures, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of zero work injury in safe production, so as to promote the sustained and stable development of the company's safety production situation.