Group held a forum for reserve cadres

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Forum on Reserve Cadres



Have virtue and talent, make an exception to reuse

Have virtue but no talent, cultivate and use

There is no virtue, prohibit reuse

No virtue, no talent, resolutely do not use

In order to grasp the growth of the group's reserve cadres in a timely manner, encourage the reserve cadres to base themselves on their duties and concentrate on their work, make excellent results in their work, exercise their work style, establish a good image, and win a good mass foundation. This afternoon, the group held a forum for reserve cadres in the conference room on the fifth floor. All reserve cadres participated and made written reports one by one around the recent stage of thinking, work, study, management and business. Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the group's party committee and president, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president, attended the meeting.



After listening to the work report, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive president, put forward the following requirements to the reserve cadres of the group:

1. Have a clear understanding of your role, do your job well, and strictly demand yourself with the standards of senior management.

2. Improve execution, demonstrate strength with achievements, and discuss heroes with results.

3, do a good job in the role of bridge, do the upper situation issued, the lower situation upload.

Finally, Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, affirmed the working attitude of the reserve cadres and the intentions of the meeting, and put forward the following requirements:

1, words and deeds set a benchmark, pay attention to personal image, and learn from senior executives.

2, do a good job, but not limited to their own work.

3, make achievements, seize the opportunity, remember the first heart.

The Group has always attached importance to the training of talent echelon, rationalized the talent structure, and helped the Group's high-quality development.