Group held a volunteer exchange meeting

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Volunteer Exchange



On the afternoon of September 29, the group held a volunteer exchange meeting in the training center on the first floor. The meeting was presided over by Hu Yufei, Minister of Human Resources and Law, and all volunteers participated.



At the exchange meeting, first of all, on behalf of the party committee of the group, Hu Yufei thanked everyone for their long-term support and cooperation in volunteer work. Then we communicate with each other for nucleic acid sampling work, find deficiencies, and lay the foundation for the next step to better carry out the work. Finally, Hu Yufei urged everyone not only to do a solid job in nucleic acid testing, but also to wear good protection, protect themselves and avoid cross-infection.




Since the establishment of the nucleic acid testing sampling point on June 30, the group has dispatched 72 volunteers and collected more than 5000 samples. In order to thank them for their contribution to the normalization of nucleic acid testing, the group specially customized a beautiful souvenir for each volunteer.