6S Work Results Display of Kibu Company

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Kibu Company

6S Work Show

Recently, according to the arrangement of the group's 6S management work plan, a "6s on-site management visit and exchange training meeting" was organized in kibu company, a subsidiary of the group ". At the meeting, the participants agreed that the 6S work of Kibu Company was progressing in an orderly manner and rectification was in place. The specific practices of Kibu Company 6S were shown one by one.

01 6S Thematic Deployment Meeting



The general manager personally took the lead and held a 6S special deployment meeting to determine the 6S management system and organizational structure of Kibu Company and further clarify the responsible person.

02 Convene a Collective Mobilization Meeting




03 Use pre-class meeting to publicize and learn 6S knowledge


04 Irregular inspection workshop





05 Do a good job in problem rectification tracking record form








This year is the year of internal management improvement of the group. 6S work runs through the whole process. The management center has successively organized on-site exchange and observation meetings for Minglong Chemical Fiber, Xinminglong, New Materials and Kibu. All branches have learned from each other and achieved good results. It is hoped that all branches will continue to do a good job in 6S work, achieve normal management, and help the group to develop stably and healthily.