"Team Positive Energy" of Micro Party Class

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Team Energy

--Team positive energy--



"One person can walk very fast, and a group of talents can go further." This is a well-known sentence that everyone is familiar with. It talks about the strength of team energy.

Recently, Jia Wenguang, member of the group's party committee and general manager of Xinminglong, gave a vivid micro-party lesson to all party members and middle-level and above managers from four aspects under the title of "team positive energy.



   1. understand your core responsibilities


With the development concept, macro vision, strong organizational ability, transfer the concept of enterprise development and corporate culture, and constantly enhance the ability of the organization, to create an excellent team for the company to create performance.


Have certain professional or technical ability, have strong organization, coordination and communication skills, train front-line staff, coordinate and cooperate with others, constantly improve efficiency, so that the organization can operate effectively.

Front-line staff

Be familiar with your work content, even from the original product to the process to the output.

   2. position their role

Positioning your role in the team and effective management will play a very important role in positive energy output, and you can play the role of manager or front-line employee in different occasions or opportunities.

   3. ensure smooth team processes

Managers must ensure that team members have the necessary knowledge, skills, and ability to do their jobs well. Whenever obstacles are identified, managers can use the authority conferred by the position to make necessary adjustments and changes.

To build a positive energy team, we must take "people" and "process" as the core responsibilities of managers, and put the right people in the right place.




In the process of building a positive energy team, heart-to-heart talk is an essential step. "Talking by the water dispenser" is also an effective way to enhance team cohesion. When the employees of the positive energy team gather around the water cooler to talk, this is a time to share information, exchange ideas, provide feedback on different projects, and even reach consensus and gather strength in an effort to achieve common goals. This is an important part of building a team full of positive energy and doing things efficiently. Talking at this time can make everyone in the team feel valued.

There are still three areas that need to be worked on.

1. when employees are not clear about the company's goals, the harm is great.

2. must learn to guide everyone to think together.

3. a strong focus on the goal, the team generated positive energy




   1.Unity, an indispensable factor for positive energy teams

2. create a relaxed atmosphere for resolving differences

3. use the relationship ladder to solve the contradiction

4. five-step method



Transfering positive energy is a continuous process. In an organization, only by passing on positive energy can high efficiency and excellent performance continue. And to deliver positive energy, you need to maintain the conditions that allow team members to generate positive energy, and praising the achievements of each employee is one of them. Everyone has a unique value, for their achievements, to be bold praise, don't be stingy. Also, value your greatest asset-your employees, because your attitude towards them determines the future of your team.