New Journey of Management Refining and Empowerment-New Materials Company Launching Empowerment Training

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In order to enhance the management ability of middle-level cadres, further promote the construction of middle-level cadres, and improve the leadership, organization and coordination of managers, recently, the new materials company, a subsidiary of the group, held a special training on "leading the team" in the conference room on the second floor.




This training adopts video teaching method, starting from five aspects: setting goals, focusing on the process, gathering people's hearts, encouraging and making a resumption of trading, and providing learning ideas and working methods for participants through case analysis. During the whole training process, the learning atmosphere was strong, and everyone frequently recorded the main points of learning.







General Manager Li Xu hopes that through this study, all managers can summarize the current situation, analyze the problems, find out the deficiencies, benchmark the learning contents, transform the learning results into working ideas and practical actions, let the middle-level cadres show new achievements and give the company a new atmosphere. Finally, she also asked each participant to share his experience and consolidate the course.