The Group participated in the Tongxiang Collective Negotiation Competition and won the first prize for groups and individuals.

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Group participationTongxiang City Collective Negotiation Competition and Won the First Prize of Groups and Individuals



Recently, the group on behalf of the town of Tudian participated in the Tongxiang City Federation of Trade Unions sponsoredTongxiang Collective Negotiation Competition, won the group, individual first prize.



Live competition



Chen Jiajia, the representative of the group, introduced in detail the characteristics and achievements of the group in carrying out collective consultation from three aspects: negotiation mode, negotiation content and achievements.


   1 Effectively enhance the awareness of win-win cooperation between enterprises and employees

Through the establishment and improvement of the mechanism of linking employee wages with corporate benefits, the awareness of win-win cooperation between enterprises and employees has been further strengthened, and employees and enterprises have been integrated to form a good situation of win-win cooperation and common development.

According to statistics, in recent years, the group has 45% of employees for more than three years, 25% for more than five years, and the monthly turnover rate of front-line employees is only about 4.5. It is especially worth mentioning that the company's middle-level and above cadres have almost zero turnover for more than 20 years.



   2 Effectively safeguard the rights and interests of workers' labor remuneration

After the collective wage negotiation, the annual wage growth rate is 5%-15%, which makes the employees more comfortable and stable. At the same time, employees enjoy a variety of benefits: job promotion, delivery training, talent apartments, employee travel, employee physical examination, labor protection supplies, high-temperature cold drinks, holiday benefits, seasonal fruits, subsidies for old employees with new employees, etc., are all the products of collective wage negotiation.






   3 Effectively promote the harmonious and stable labor relations

Since the implementation of the industry wage collective bargaining agreement, there has been no labor dispute caused by wage issues in the company. At present, the group is a provincial civilized unit and a provincial enterprise with harmonious labor relations. Is striving to create a state-level harmonious labor relations enterprises and state-level civilized units.

We organize nine special activities such as employee group sports meeting and military training every year, and hold Minglong lecture hall every month to carry out micro party education. The rich and colorful cultural activities also benefit from the determination of collective wage negotiation and create a stable and harmonious labor atmosphere.