To build a network world and create a digital future, Minglong people feel the charm of the Internet era in Wuzhen.

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Building a Network World and Creating a Digital Future

Minglong people feel the charm of the Internet era in Wuzhen



Witness the achievements of digital reform and touch the light of the future of the Internet. This morning, 20 employee representatives of the group went to Wuzhen to visit the 2022 World Internet Conference "Light of the Internet" Expo to experience the impact and pleasure brought by cutting-edge technology products.



Visit to learn




Everyone stepped into the main venue of the "Light of the Internet" Expo, visited the exhibition, new products and new technology release and other offline sections in an orderly manner, and listened carefully to the introduction of innovative and theoretical achievements in the cutting-edge Internet technologies such as 5G/6G, graph computing, network security, digital twins, artificial intelligence, etc. Walking into the exhibition halls of China Telecom, Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other high-tech enterprises and scientific research institutions, I watched the demonstration and introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum secret phone system and Tianmu supercomputer, and experienced "black technology" products such as eye movement input instrument, rider intelligent helmet and industrial AR glasses on the spot.








This collective visit to see and learn is not only a practical teaching of digital science and technology with rich content and various forms, but also a journey of digital and intelligent experience to enhance horizons and expand thinking.

The network world, the interconnection of all things. No one is a bystander in the information age. A digital community and a community of destiny have been formed on the Internet. As President Xi Jinping said: "Although countries around the world have different national conditions, different stages of Internet development, and different practical challenges, they have the same desire to promote the development of the digital economy, the same interests in responding to cybersecurity challenges, and the same need to strengthen cyberspace governance."

I believe that if more people work together and meet each other, the tide of the Internet will rush to a better future. The group also hopes to take the opportunity of the World Internet Conference to meet the reality of the enterprise, integrate more scientific and technological elements, and help the development of the enterprise!