Group went to Zhejiang Normal University Xingzhi College to carry out a special recruitment seminar

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Xingzhi College of Zhejiang Normal University

Special presentation

In the autumn recruitment of colleges and universities, in order to attract the majority of outstanding students to actively join the big family of Minglong, to protect the fresh blood of the enterprise, and to further expand the group's high-level talent team.

On November 20th, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president, led relevant personnel from the Human Resources Department and the Sales Department to participate in the autumn job fair of Xingzhi College of Zhejiang Normal University, and held a special recruitment presentation. The presentation attracted more than 100 people. Fresh graduates with job hunting intentions participated.




Continuous preaching



Chen Tianzhang, Director of the Office of Science and Technology, School of Arts, Xingzhi College, Zhejiang Normal University

At this lecture, Chen Tianzhang, director of the Institute of Arts, Xingzhi College of Zhejiang Normal University, made an opening speech for the group as the first lecture of the Faculty of Arts this year.



The picture shows Hu Yufei, Minister of Human Resources and Law Department, introducing the situation of the enterprise.



The picture shows Jin Tianli, assistant general manager of New Materials Company, sharing his personal growth experience.



The picture shows Qian Fenli, sales minister of warp knitting company, sharing his personal growth experience.

First of all, please watch the promotional film of the group's image, and then use PPT to explain the basic situation, development scale, corporate culture, personnel training and welfare benefits of the group in the form of pictures and texts, so that the students can have a further understanding of the group.

Secondly, the two sales representatives showed up and shared their personal growth experience and work experience with the students, so that the students had a clearer understanding of the work content and atmosphere of the group.




Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president, shared three key words with the students on the topic of "choice is more important than effort:

1. talents

The group's employment philosophy is: to have virtue and talent to make an exceptional appointment, to have virtue and no talent to cultivate and use, and to break the five rules: region, men and women, blood relationship, family, qualifications.

Minglong's platform is an open platform, in Minglong can let youThere is room for growth, channels for progress, training for ability and reflection of value.。 

2. selection

The right choice comes from the right judgment, the right judgment comes from the past experience, the past experience comes from the past experience.

What kind of choice determines what kind of life, and today's choice will determine our future life, we should choose to contact the latest information, understand the latest trends, so as to better create their own future.

Life will meet four people

No choice: the first is parents; The second is: children

Can choose: the third is: lover; The fourth is: leadership

3. direction

Three recommendations are made:

1 What kind of work do I like?

2 What kind of company do I like?

3 What kind of place do I like?

Common encouragement: the arena is the battlefield, the brave is unstoppable, dare to break into the king;

Confidence and expectations, fearless and lofty sentiments, and hard work to create glory;

Work hard, come on, success is ahead!

Ming Long, welcome you to join!



The picture shows the on-site job fair

This offline presentation has achieved good results and received more than 30 resumes, which not only improved the students' intuitive understanding of the group, but also enhanced the students' confidence in employment, so that students have a clearer goal and direction in future planning.

Looking to the future, there is a long way to go. Minglong needs young, energetic, and fresh blood to join in, work together, and share a better tomorrow.