Group to carry out export credit insurance training, escort for foreign trade business

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export credit insurance

Export credit insurance, as a national policy foreign trade financial instrument, underwrites a kind of credit insurance that exporters suffer losses in the course of business operations, and plays an important role in preventing the risk of foreign exchange collection and opening up the international market.




On November 18, in order to actively respond to the continuing impact of the epidemic and global economic uncertainty, fully understand and make good use of relevant policies and measures to avoid the risk of accounts receivable, the Group specially invited Mr. Wang Fang from PICC Jiaxing Branch to conduct export credit insurance training for foreign trade salesmen, business assistants, finance, documents and other personnel.

On-site training

Teacher Wang Fang interpreted the export credit insurance policy in detail, and analyzed the matters needing attention in foreign trade business from three aspects: the signing of export contracts, trade risks and claims cases, and claims points of attention, and gave corresponding suggestions in combination with examples.



The training further deepened the understanding and understanding of the relevant personnel of the group on export contracts, export credit insurance policies and claims, and helped to improve the construction of the group's internal risk response mechanism, effectively prevent risks, reduce losses and protect their legitimate rights and interests.