New Materials Company Attends South Africa's On-Line Exhibition

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Recently, the epidemic situation at home and abroad is grim, foreign trade enterprises rarely have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. In many ways to open up foreign markets and increase foreign trade business, recently, the group's new materials companies participated in the South African online exhibition organized by the Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce.





When the exhibition is in progress

Jin Tianli, assistant to the general manager of the new materials company, and Zhang Jinghua, head of the business department, attended the online exhibition. The whole process introduced the group's products to interested parties in English and negotiated with prospective customers via video. This ensured maximum matching and communication with customers, obtained many orders, achieved good results, and seized the first opportunity for Minglong brand to go to sea.



The online exhibition is a good interpretation of the "exhibits to sea, exhibitors online, buyers present, instant negotiation", reflecting the government in the outbreak of the enterprise's help and Minglong foreign trade people's insistence.