The Group's 2022 Annual Summary and 2023 Annual Assessment Signing Meeting Held Successfully

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Minglong Holding Group2022 Annual Summaryand 2023 Annual Assessment and Signing Meeting

On December 29, the group held a grand 2022 annual summary and 2023 annual assessment agreement signing meeting in the multi-function hall on the second floor. the general manager helped the above senior executives to attend the meeting. the purpose is to enable the senior executives to have a clearer understanding of the group's development thinking in 2023, and then unify their thinking, define their goals, encourage their enthusiasm and move up the trend.

Singing the Song of the Dragon



Read out the document Statement

Reading appointment documents






Assistant to the general manager of the newly promoted warp knitting company-Xu Jiaxin

Report on the assessment in 2023



Chief Financial Officer-Zhu Linjie

Assessment Agreement Signing Ceremony



Zhou Lijun, General Manager of Minglong Warp Knitting & Import & Export Company



Li Xu, General Manager of Minglong New Materials Company


Sun Xuehua, General Manager of Minglong Kibu Company



Zhu Aiping, General Manager of Minglong Chemical Fiber Company


General Manager of New Minglong Technology Company-Jia Wenguang

Lay out 2023 work



At the meeting, Guo fengen, deputy secretary of the party Committee and executive president of the group, summarized the highlights of the management center's 2022 work, and put forward the working ideas for 2023 and the continued improvement of eight capabilities:

   PositioningSupervision, management, service and overall planning.

   SloganStrengthen management and focus on effectiveness, overall coordination and implementation..

   Initiatives: One theme, three attitudes, five styles and eight abilities. Follow up and supervise with a list to ensure the effectiveness of the work.

   The Eight Capabilities

1. continue to improve the ability of party building. 2. continued to improve its fine management capabilities. 3. continue to enhance the capacity of corporate culture. 4. continue to improve the ability of human resources legal work. 5. continue to improve the working ability of Anhuan. 6. continue to enhance brand building capabilities. 7. continue to improve the ability to create declarations. 8. continue to enhance the comprehensive support capacity.

Climb the peak across the hill



At the meeting, Zhou Lijun, deputy secretary of the party Committee and president of the group, analyzed the market situation and situation in 2022, summarized the group's achievements in 2022, and put forward six major working ideas for 2023:

1. target and move forward firmly; 2. develop the market and win in sales; 3. improve management and reduce costs; 4. encourage research and development and independent innovation; 5. the performance flywheel and optimize the team; Pay 6. attention to environmental protection and equipment maintenance.

In 2023, we must adhere to the principle of stability, seek progress while maintaining stability, continue to strengthen management, innovate methods, make excellent products, broaden the market, improve quality and efficiency, so that Minglong can ride the wind and waves in the face of risk challenges and the overall situation and seize the first opportunity. Let us work with full enthusiasm, pragmatic work style, positive work attitude, and winning work confidence, based on our own duties, trends, work hard, and resolutely complete 2 billion goals.

People work hard because they have goals, people work hard because they have dreams, people persist because they have hope, and we grow steadily every year because we have a clear direction. Under the strong leadership of Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Zhu Jianhua, let us base ourselves on a new starting point, embark on a new journey, create new brilliance, and run at the beginning!