Group Held Lectures on Legal Knowledge of Female Workers' Rights and Interests

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Caring for the Rights and Interests of Women and Children, Protecting Harmonious Homeland



-- Li Guiying, full-time vice president of the Municipal Law Society

Near the "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, in order to care for the female employees of the group, let the majority of female employees know the law, understand the law, and use the law, the municipal law committee, the law society, the public security, the judiciary, the women's federation and other departments entered the group to jointly carry out the Tongxiang City The fourth law salon activities.

Li Guiying, full-time vice president of the Municipal Law Society, Chen Chunxia, director of the Law Enforcement Supervision Office of the Municipal Law Commission, Shen Xiaoli, Chief of the Public Legal Service Management Section of the Municipal Justice Bureau, and Guan Yining, Minister of the Family Department of the Municipal Women's Federation, attended the event.


Interpretation of Marriage and Family Rights



La Lijuan, a lawyer from Zhejiang Jingya Law firm, was invited to preach the relevant legal knowledge about marriage and family relations in the Civil Code for the female employees of the group. Lawyer La closely focused on social hot issues and combined with cases, explained the hot content of marriage and family in the "Civil Code" in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

In addition, Lawyer La also explained how to prevent domestic violence, how to protect oneself, and how to protect rights based on effective fixed evidence. He hoped that everyone would respect and protect women and have zero tolerance for all forms of domestic violence.



The development of this activity has played an effective role in guiding the majority of female employees to use legal weapons to protect their rights, prevent and stop domestic violence, and promote family harmony and social stability.