2013 Summary Recognition and 2014 Work Deployment Meeting

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This morning, the group held the 2013 annual summary commendation and 2014 annual work deployment meeting. The meeting was presided over by Guo Fengen, assistant to the president, and all employees attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the outstanding employees, the best salesmen, the advanced Communist Party members and the most beautiful people of the year were commended, and then the representatives spoke on the stage. President Zhu Jianhua spoke highly of it. Finally, at the meeting, he carefully reviewed the achievements and shortcomings of all the work carried out by the Group in 13 years, and put forward higher requirements. He placed higher standards on the work carried out in 2014, requiring all employees to take it seriously, treat the upcoming 2014 in a 100% state, continue to work hard for the three-year goal, and realize the Ming Long Dream as soon as possible.