Promoting Common Growth with the Old and the New

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Grow together with the old and the new

Recently, all branches of the group have welcomed new employees to join. In order to help new employees quickly adapt to the environment and integrate into new jobs, the old employees in the workshop give full play to their role as masters, lead the new with the old, teach by words and deeds, and devote themselves to "helping and helping".

Warp Knitting Company




New Materials Company




Kibu Company




Minglong Chemical Fiber




New Ming Long Technology




Through "hand-in-hand" teaching and "face-to-face" performance, the teachers impart their work experience and operation skills to the apprentices, so that the apprentices can quickly familiarize themselves with the process and take up their posts independently. In the face of the doubts of the apprentices, the masters will also answer questions and do everything, and actively assume the role of "passing on and helping.

The way of "bringing the new with the old" not only enhances the sense of belonging and cohesion among employees, but also enables new and old employees to work together, grow together and work happily in Minglong's big family.