Group to carry out fine management meeting

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Meetings on Fine Management



In order to further promote fine management and 6S management, the group held a fine management meeting at noon today. The meeting was attended by secretaries, workshop supervisors, warehouse supervisors, assistant general managers, deputy production managers, management centers and financial centers.



At the meeting, Hu Yufei, minister of safety and environment department, first reported the inspection of safety and environment equipment in February, and explained in detail the problems existing in the inspection to all branches in the form of rectification notice, and required all responsible persons to implement the rectification requirements in time according to the "one list to the end" after the meeting.



Then Zhu Dezhong, assistant to the president, gave a briefing on the backlog of purchasing inventory. It is required to pay more attention to control in purchasing application. In terms of collecting and using, it should be more standardized. In terms of maintenance equipment, it is necessary to confirm the model of accessories more to avoid waste.



Finally, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive president of the group, focused on three aspects at the meeting: 1. He explained the 6S promotion standard of each branch and required to do a good job of 6S management on the existing basis; 2. Explained the standard of fine management, focusing on the fine management measures, focusing on the procurement, parts use, production process control and other work, strictly implemented, and reflected the fine management effect with data. 3, do a good job in safety and environmental management, use a good inspection and assessment mechanism, reduce the probability of safety accidents.

On-site inspection






In this joint inspection, the management center will follow up to the end in the form of a problem list according to the problem tracking form compiled by each branch. This is both supervision and promotion for each branch. In the future, the group will continue to pay attention to details, strict requirements, pay close attention to implementation, continue to do a solid and standardized "6S" and fine management work, constantly improve the management level, and help the group's high-quality development.