Electrochemical Education of Party Members: Watching 2022 "Top Ten People in China"

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1. party members of the electronic education



In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of party members and employees to love the party, love the country, and love their jobs, the group launched a thematic audio-visual education activity on March 11, 2023 in the multi-function hall on the second floor. All party members, party activists, all administration, and management personnel above the head teacher, employee representatives, etc. participated.

Watching the annual "Top Ten People in China" program has been a major feature of Minglong's party building work, and it has been adhered to for twelve consecutive years.

Education is the spring breeze and rain, moistening things silently. The employees listened carefully to the award speech, watched the touching deeds carefully, and accepted the baptism of spirit. After watching the video, the employees were deeply moved. Through thinking, they turned what they saw and heard into powerful energy in their hearts, and they devoted themselves to their work with more confidence.




2. 2021 Moved Chinese Character Profile and Award Speech



Qian Qihu: Make the Great Wall for the Country

Qian Qihu, a protective engineer in China. At the age of 7, his father told him to "do something" before he died, and he was engraved in his heart.

For more than 60 years, he has participated in many major national defense projects. He took the lead in formulating my country's first urban civil air defense protection level standard, established my country's protection engineering talent training system, and solved a series of key technical problems in nuclear and conventional weapons engineering protection.

As of 2022, he has funded 584 needy students and donated more than 18 million yuan to charity, including his academician allowance, award-winning bonus and salary. Qian Lao said, "It is valuable to contribute to the security of the country and the people".



Deng Xiaolan: Youlu Lan Xiang Yuan

"No song of childhood, is very lonely." In 2004, Deng Xiaolan came to Malan Village in Hebei Province to volunteer for teaching, teaching music, collecting musical instruments and forming a choir. For more than ten years, groups of children have walked out of the mountains and stood on a bigger stage, but Teacher Deng's warm eyes have never changed. Now, teacher Deng has "returned" to Malan, watching the place where she cares about her whole life.



Yang Ning: Painting of Mountains and Rivers Exhibition

Yang Ning, secretary of the Party General Branch of Xijiangmen Village, was once a college student village official. During a visit, she saw that the three villagers ate a bowl of powder and were determined to be "poverty alleviation leaders". After three failures, she paid out of her own pocket, provided free rice fertilizer, mobilized the villagers to grow purple and black fragrant glutinous, and finally had a bumper harvest.

In 2020, Yang Ning was elected secretary of the general party branch of the village. She organized the left-behind women in the village and set up a professional cooperative for Miao's sister-in-law to plant characteristic industries in her hometown.

In 2020, all 327 poor people in Jiangmen Village will be lifted out of poverty. Today, the average annual income of villagers has more than 10 times in 13 years.



Shen Zhongfang: nameless grass is more fragrant

Shen Zhongfang, commander-in-chief of China's third-generation air defense weapon system. He once witnessed the Japanese bombing of his homeland, so he applied for the aircraft design major and was eager to defend the motherland. After graduation, he devoted himself to missile research and development, and since then he has been incognito for more than 60 years. He said: "The greatest happiness in life is to strive for the happiness of the people."



Xu Congxiang: Xinxin Field Wheat

In 1972, Xu Songxiang, who graduated from Senior high school, returned to his hometown. "In order to grow good grain, I can not die", high-yield test, he squatted in the field from morning to night, with a magnifying glass to observe the growth of wheat and insect conditions, with a notebook to record wind speed and rainfall ...... In this way, his farmland average yield of 1000kg per mu, but also more than 50 years of farming experience to share with the villagers.



Silver Hair Know Sow: A Thousand Years of Spring

Astronomy, physics, literature, aesthetics, classrooms without walls, universities without thresholds... This group of grandparents taught hard-core knowledge in a humorous manner in the online class studio. They are teachers and academicians. They teach young people what they have learned all their lives through the Internet, and sow the seeds of knowledge with patience day after day.



Xu Mengtao: Dreams have no time to rest

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, 31-year-old veteran Xu Mengtao came out with steel nails and won the championship with a perfect jump, achieving a career Grand Slam. Previously, she had been troubled by injuries and had the intention to retire, but her "cruel" father told her "not bad this step" and must stick to it. In the end, she won the women's final with a maximum score of 108.61 points!



Chen Qingquan: Strong Country Still Meritorious

Chen Qingquan is the first academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in Hong Kong, China. In 1982, when he was teaching in Hong Kong, he predicted the development prospects of electric vehicles and took this as his research direction, hoping to help the motherland seize the opportunity. He creatively integrated automobile, motor, control and other technologies to form a new discipline. When he was young, he experienced turmoil, eager to contribute to the motherland, "is glorious"!



Lu Hong: Life is expensive and self-reliant

Lu Hong, a young man from Jiangsu Province, suffered from cerebral palsy due to illness when he was young. He complained and was depressed, but did not want to be a burden to his family. He began to set up stalls, set up shops, and studied the later stage of film and television, and developed unique skills. In 2017, he led the disabled to do self-media and open online stores. Today, his factory has become a well-known poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship base for the disabled, "never admit defeat!"



Lin Zhanxi: Cun Cao Xiang Chunhui

Lin Zhanxi, a professor at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, is the prototype of Professor Ling Yinong in "Mountain and Sea Love. In order to solve the world-class problem of "planting edible fungi must cut down trees", he made numerous experiments and invented the method of using grass instead of wood to cultivate edible and medicinal fungi; for scientific research, his brother fell on the front line of fungus grass cultivation, and Lin Zhanji almost encountered an accident in his perennial rush ...... Now, "fungus grass" has gone abroad, providing a solution for the world to get rid of poverty and become rich.

Ordinary cast great, heroes from the people. Every year, these characters in "Moving China" will bring us new enlightenment and strength. The "sense of responsibility" and the spirit of "great love" are even more examples for us Minglong people to learn from.