Group Party Secretary and Chairman Zhu Jianhua led a team to visit Haining Intelligent Machinery Exhibition Area

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On March 31, Zhu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, led a team to visit the "Haining China International Leather, Fur, Fashion and Accessories Exhibition and China Maqiao Warp Knitted Fashion Fabric Exhibition" held in Haining ".

This exhibition plans to 25000 the scale of the exhibition area, more than 200 high-quality exhibitors and tens of thousands of fashionable fabrics. The exhibition area plans leather fur area, design area, fashion fabric area, warp knitted fashion fabric area and intelligent machinery exhibition area. Exhibits cover leather, fur, fashion, machinery, design services, etc.


Visit the intelligent machinery exhibition area




At the exhibition, Chairman Zhu Jianhua and his entourage visited the booths of Changde Textile, Xijie Metal Technology and other well-known domestic and foreign textile machinery manufacturers, and conducted in-depth technical exchanges.





In recent years, the textile manufacturing industry has achieved amazing results in machine intelligence, and the concept of "machine substitution" has gradually become popular. The traditional textile manufacturing industry is gradually moving towards automation and intelligence, which is an important measure to realize industrial transformation and upgrading. This exhibition provides reform ideas for further deepening technological innovation and product innovation in the future.