Team Leader Meeting Held, 14th Group Staff Group Games Coming Soon

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Team Leader Meeting Pre-match Warm-up



On the afternoon of April 10, the team leader meeting of the 14th staff group games of the group was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the holding company, with the participation of all team leaders and relevant staff.

With the theme of "Creating Excellence and Different Achievements, Winning Healthy Body", this Games has five events: coordinated operations, mutual assistance, blindfolded gongs, baton relay, and concerted efforts.



At the meeting, Minister of Human Resources Hu Yufei gave a detailed explanation and interpretation of the competition items and rules, and also emphasized the different requirements for participating in the competition. After listening to the introduction, everyone also asked questions and recorded the details to ensure the fairness and justice of the game.

Wonderful review of past periods



Crossing the blockade line



In one go



Write a word of heart to the party



forcibly crossing the Dadu River

The staff group sports meeting fully demonstrated the enterprising and harmonious spirit of Minglong people, and greatly improved the cohesion of the team. Let's look forward to the 14th Workers' Group Games!

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The small partners demonstrated and rehearsed the competition to ensure the feasibility and scientificity of the project.







Stand-up relay



coordinated combat

Is everyone eager to try?

I look forward to your enthusiastic registration,

See you at the sports meet!