Micro Party Class-Giving Play to the Spirit of "Four Dare" to Show Minglong's New Face

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When analyzing and studying the economic work in 2023 at the meeting of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held at the end of last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "we must persist in doing solid work and stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the officers of the whole society." let cadres dare to act, local governments dare to break in, enterprises dare to do, and the masses dare to create." This is the earnest entrustment and ardent expectation of General Secretary Xi Jinping for us in the new era and new journey.

A few days ago, Jiaxing City launched the "Four Dares to Strive for the First" practice activities in the city to fully mobilize the cadres and the masses to "dare" and "do", fully stimulate the vitality of "breaking" and "creating", and go all out to fight the economy and do everything possible. Development, with the responsibility of daring, daring, daring to do, and daring to create a new chapter, a good start and a good step.

"Four Dares" Strive for the First



-Micro Party Class in progress--

Recently, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive president, gave a micro-party lesson to everyone with the title of "giving full play to the spirit of" four dare "to show Minglong's new face. All party members, activists joining the party, and personnel above the class teacher will participate in the study.



support and encourage "cadres to dare to act"

All managers should be "cadres dare to do": dare to think around the "Top Ten Work Points of the Group" in 2023, pay close attention to output and sales, and strive to make efforts in fine management. To give full play to the exemplary role of managers, in accordance with the "six points" requirements of chairman Zhu Jianhua for management cadres, to dare to take responsibility, dare to be responsible and capable. Seek breakthroughs in management innovation and product innovation, with boldness, A faster style of work shows practical results, turning challenges into opportunities, and seeking development in a crisis.

Support and encourage "enterprises dare to do, dare to break"

With the strong support and help of the party committee and government at a higher level, we should take advantage of various policy trends to benefit enterprises. All Minglong people should unite as one, strengthen their confidence, strive to expand sales abroad, adhere to both domestic and foreign trade, and make good use of the "Minglong Service Day" mechanism. Strengthen internal management, with fine management, performance appraisal and 6S management as the starting point, truly increase revenue and reduce expenditure. Strengthen product upgrading and improve research and development capabilities, take the route of differentiation, be unique in the red sea of competition, and strive to move towards this year's 2 billion goal.

support and encourage "the masses dare to take the initiative"

Adhere to the core concept of "people-oriented, friendly to others", respect employees, love employees, and enhance employees' sense of gain and happiness; through the "Golden Idea Project" to encourage employees' initiative to the greatest extent, so that employees' creative potential and wisdom can be better Released, inject vitality and motivation into the healthy and steady development of the group.

Finally, I will share some excerpts from the recent experience of each branch in learning the spirit of "Four Dares.

2022 Outstanding Award for Learning Power



-- Tongxiang Municipal First Prize Winner--



-- Tongxiang Municipal Second Prize Winner--



-- Tongxiang Municipal Third Prize Winner--

In the second stage of the micro-party class, awards will be given to the winners of Tongxiang municipal learning power in 2022. The group has always attached great importance to the learning of party members, and insisting on learning is the basic requirement of every party member. In 2022, the group will add more than 10000 points to 27 party members.

Next, the group will continue to strengthen party members to rely on the "learning power" platform to strengthen learning, leading the new fashion of advocating learning and strengthening learning.

Continuously improve their own political quality and cultural literacy, use fragmented time and Internet learning platform to master knowledge and enrich themselves.