Give full play to subjective initiative to help fine management

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This year, the group has fully implemented refined management. All branches have reported cost reduction and efficiency enhancement measures. The workshop has also continuously tapped potential, optimized management processes, and allowed refined management to take root. Today, we mainly share the "golden ideas" of Minglong chemical fiber ".

Part. 01 Scrap for gasket



It is always necessary to add spacers to reduce the touch between the elastic wire and the silk car, which is costly and in high demand. The gasket will wear out after being used for a long time and needs to be replaced regularly. It is also a big expense in a year.

Minglong Chemical Fiber thought of the waste film of New Materials Company, which is of appropriate size and can be used as waste. As long as the thickness is consistent, a hole can be cut in the middle of the waste to be used as a gasket.

Through the efforts of Minglong Chemical Fiber staff, the silk cars in the workshop have been replaced with new "accessories", adding a touch of lively and beautiful scenery to the dull workshop.



Part. 02 wooden pallet for plastic




Minglong Chemical Fiber will use wooden pallets under cartons when transporting DTY, but wooden pallets are heavy and easy to damage compared with plastic pallets. After weighing the pros and cons, the company decided to replace it with a plastic pallet, which can not only extend the use time, reduce costs, but also reduce weight, reduce transportation costs and employee pressure.

In addition, Minglong Chemical Fiber has also built a new pallet ledger to register the access and damage of pallets, which is conducive to timely replacement and recycling of pallets and avoiding unnecessary losses.



Minglong Chemical Fiber actively promotes fine management, focuses on details, and continuously improves, which has made positive contributions to the group's cost reduction and efficiency increase.