The group launched the activity of "keeping the red root vein, ten minutes before the shift"

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Recently, according to the notice of the higher-level trade union on carrying out the work of "keeping the red root vein and ten minutes before the shift", the group party committee immediately combined with the actual situation and required all branches to earnestly implement the spirit of the document and continue to deepen the "red boat spirit into the enterprise" education Practice activities. Mainly around the propaganda of the party's twenty spirit, the spirit of craftsmen, the spirit of model workers to carry out good workshop publicity and education activities.

Warp Knitting Company





New Materials Company



Kibu Company



Minglong Chemical Fiber Company



New Minglong Company



Activity Summary

Each branch company is led by the vice president of production to learn the craftsman spirit and the red spirit. By combining their own work experience and experience, they preach to the employees that no matter what position they are in, they must work hard to practice the craftsman spirit, Do not forget your initiative mind, work hard, and make more contributions to the company!

In the next step, the group will continue to carry out the "keeping the red root vein and ten minutes before the class", inherit the red gene, enhance the red empowerment, and guide the vast number of front-line employees to upgrade their skills and gather development momentum.