The group held the annual summary meeting of middle and senior management personnel

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Yesterday, in order to timely summarize the work of the enterprise in 2013, further deploy and implement the work in 2014, and lay a solid foundation for realizing the "three-year goal" of the enterprise, on December 27, the group held an annual meeting of middle and senior management personnel. Party secretary and president Zhu Jianhua attended and delivered a speech. All administrative, logistics and warehouse personnel, workshop team leader and above management personnel, financial consultants, plastic consultants, and all Party members attended the meeting.First of all, the head office signed an annual assessment agreement with the general manager of each branch. Subsequently, the above-mentioned staff of each branch and the heads of each department respectively summarized and reported on the work carried out in 2013, carefully analyzed the reasons for not completing the indicators and the existing problems, and put forward clear ideas and confidence and determination to complete the objectives for the work in 2014. Finally, President Zhu Jianhua made a concluding speech. In the new year, he put forward three new requirements:The first is to have confidence and determination in the work of the new year; the second is to plan and find methods; the third is to strengthen the team and improve quality. He said that we must earnestly do a good job, lay a solid foundation, and strive to walk out of Minglong's own development path, and we will surely achieve the three-year goal.