As the New Year approaches, prepare for Minglong's own Spring Festival Gala.

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Time flies, 13 years are about to pass in a twinkling of an eye, and the year of the horse is full of good omens. Since ancient times, the horse has been said to travel thousands of miles a day. The horse travels thousands of miles, and the sound of hooves is like thunder, which means that in the new year, the momentum is like a horse, which is unstoppable. The positive and optimistic attitude of Minglong people is a good illustration of this point.

In recent days, all branches of the group are seizing the time to rehearse the Spring Festival Gala program in their spare time. The cold air is constant and the time is tight, which shows the hard work of rehearsing the program. In order to be able to present high-quality programs at this year's Spring Festival Gala, everyone works together and is optimistic! I believe that the Spring Festival Gala of the people of Ming Long is unforgettable, and I also believe that the people of Ming Long will have a better tomorrow!