Tongxiang Library Minglong Holding Group Branch Award Ceremony

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This morning, Tongxiang Library held a branch licensing ceremony for our group. At that time, Tongxiang Library Minglong Holding Group Branch was officially established.

In order to build a learning team, people-oriented, friendly to others, and build a modern enterprise that learns and seeks knowledge, after the party-mass cultural center, Minglong Company has completed the construction of another major employee position "employee cultural and sports activity center. The center is equipped with staff library, staff training school, staff gym, staff talk room and electronic reading area. Among them, the staff bookstore will be upgraded and expanded for a period of two months on the original basis.With strong support, the "Tongxiang Library Minglong Holding Group Branch" has been officially put into use. The library covers an area of 400 square meters and has a collection of more than tens of thousands of books. The books involve literature, management, economics, children, Common sense of life and other fields, which can meet the reading needs of different ages and levels. At the same time, the library has installed a borrowing system consistent with Tongxiang City Library, which has truly achieved the same borrowing system as Tongxiang City Library and Tudian Town Library.The function of mutual lending. The company stipulates that every Tuesday and 4. Saturday is an open day for reading, which can be borrowed free of charge with a library card. In addition, in order to activate the reading atmosphere of the enterprise, the company sets 12:00-2:00 every Saturday as the reading and learning time for employees to encourage employees to read more and learn more.