The Group Held the Fifth Minglong Lecture Hall and 2014 Work Deployment Meeting

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Yesterday, the group2The fifth Minglong Lecture Hall was held in the multi-functional conference hall of the building. the event was presided over by guo fengen, deputy secretary of the party committee, zhu jianhua, secretary of the party committee and president,With the head teacher above to the general manager management and all party members participated in the activity. First, President Zhu Jianhua selected the list of speakers in this month's lecture hall. The first general manager of plastic company Jia Wenguang gave a speech on how to manage and manage people's hearts. The second Kibu vice president Gao Jiansheng gave a speech on how to improve management and production efficiency. Sun Xuehua, the third general manager of Kibu Company, gave a speech on how to develop in the long term under the current industry situation and social development and achieve the three-year goal. Their wonderful speech was met with applause. Finally, President Zhu Jianhua made a brief and affirmative comment on the speech of the three2014The work of the year has given new directions and requirements.